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BlueVine (formally BlueVine Capital), is a Redwood City, California-based fintech company that provides online business banking and financing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.


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MikeNDAllas says

"Terrible. What a mistake. Have been setting on the phone for over 30 minutes on hold regarding a bill pay that was never sent, yet they debit my account immediately. The good news is that I\'m going to dump this lousy \"bank\" and go for a ligitimate bank. If you value your business, don\'t go with these crooks."

Pierre says

"what a crappy bank, they just decided to close my account for no reason. All I received was this email \"Your BlueVine Business Checking account has been closed. If there was a positive account balance at the time of closure a check will be mailed to your personal address after 14 business days.\" what a horrible bank, I wish azlo still existed."

Lynette Brownlee says

"Think it's time to look elsewhere. We had high hopes for Bluevine being small business owners. But it is impossible to track realtime expenses/deposits in their online system. Our account is never accurate - always missing deposits or expenses paid. It takes a week or so for things to "clear" so we can see it, which makes utilizing the account for billpay or anything else impossible because we don't know what is ACTUALLY in the account. It is also impossible to actually reach a human being for any kind of help. Multiple emails have gone unanswered, and after being on hold 45-60 minutes, will be suddenly hung up on, and never called back. Back on hold another hour.....
After a 2nd hour-long hold....was hung up on AGAIN!!! No call back....nothing!!

Robert Williams says

"I got a response from Bluevine via Trustpilot telling they had tried to contact me via Phone and email. WRONG!
Their response is not correct. NO ONE has contacted me by phone or email or any other contact method.
So, this is complete fantasy, that is of no surprise to me and look how long it took them to respond (10 days).The company are a complete nightmare in so many ways and this does not inspire confidence to put my money in a company that probably won't be around for very long."

Heidi Etowski says

"Terrible customer service. You are unable to talk to a live person. If you do they do not have any real answers."

Bjarne Pedersen says

"Opened an account primarily for my business, but was never able to log-in, though email land password were correct. have reset password numerous time yet not able to log in no matter what. Customer service is only available on December 38th between 24:74 AND 24:78:64) (meaning never). Don't know what their issues are, BUT UNABLE TO GET IN TOUCH, EMAIL NEVER ANSWERED!!!"

Jason Jeffers sr says

"I wasn’t able to give zero stars because if I could have I would have. I received my BlueVine card in the mail for my small start up business.(I build custom computers) my business while small is legitimate(otherwise BlueVine wouldn’t have issued my card and opened my account) before opening I provided me ein and my business license issued by the state of Ohio. Anyway I guess my business wasn’t big enough for BlueVine to make anything off via the paycheck program thru the government or whatever? But the thing is even though the business is just myself and my wife who helps with the books and some financial support it nonetheless is a real business and the day I got my card I was unaware that my account was closed. Unbeknownst to me a $5000 ach deposit that was going into my account from a friend/investor who was helping me to get some parts to finish a dozen custom built PCs I was working on was sent back. Therefore making me look like a liar to this person hence costing me the investment. Now I never received notification that my account was being closed or notification of a reason. But I do know that I was cost $5000.00 because I was to small for BlueVine. I’ve sent numerous emails and I’ve even attempted to call all to no avail as I don’t even receive a response. So take my advice and get a real bank to keep your business finances because otherwise you might end up just like me, out $5000.00 with no one to blame but yourself."

Travis Duncan says

"Bluevine closed my account for unusual activity with no call or questions, just an e-mail. They also did not issue a refund of my money. When I called, customer service could not tell why or when my money would be returned. 45 minute wait times to speak to anyone. Another 20 to speak to a manager. Get a local bank, this isn't worth it."

Elizabeth Burstein says

"The app is nice but customer service is DISMAL. I have been trying to access a rep for days for something as simple as how to deposit a large check (which they have no solution for in their FAQ). They have a limit in the app. Its already one hour and a half on phone waiting to talk to a rep and this is their NEW CUSTOMER line. This was a hack I had to find because their EXISTING CUSTOMER line makes you wait for hours and then gets you to a "call cannot be completed as dialed." This is totally UNACCEPTABLE for an online bank."

Kayla says

"If I could give NEGATIVE STARS I most definitely would. Closed my account saying I didn’t upload my ID/DL I have record that shows I submitted the information beginning of November 2020. Now it’s about to be February 2021 and after many calls and emails no one has called me back or responded resulting in my business being hurt even more financially because I trusted this bank. I am BEYOND livid that I have to keep calling when I did everything I was supposed to do."

Cris Rivera says

"I have not been able to make a deposit since November. Customer service is lacking. I finally got an email response I. December telling me they were aware of the problem and that it would be fixed by January 3(!). It’s still not fixed and I haven’t heard from anyone. I’m planning on moving my account as soon as I am able."

Sums Up Inc. says

"we got a PPP "grant" last summer; still waiting for "form" to file to make sure these funds are "grant" funds and not a loan.    is that "form" ready for me to file...   what is that form and where can i get one.   
i understand there is a time limit on filing for these "grant" funds...i find it strange that you are pushing new PPP funds, but being very vague on how to finish the process for the past funds...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE    let me know what info you have on the top secret form to establish "grant" status...
thank you
l meis"


"I didn't get any loans from you."

Joel Muzyka says

"After never missing any payments, not having any loss of revenue etc. future funding was denied. My broker said he had many other customers with same experience. Blue Vine will give you an umbrella when the sun is shining, and take it back when it starts raining. When this pandemic is over, they will be looking for customers to come back. If you survived without them, keep it that way."

Dan says

"Beware, they might be good for loans and such, but not a place to set up a business banking account.

Customer service doesn't exist. If you need help with anything, like finding out where the credit card they sent you is, or why mobile deposits aren't working, they are gone. Good luck calling, you'll be on hold until your phone dies, good luck contacting email, they won't write back."

CLM says

"Don't use them if you need to deposit checks - better wait until their verification systems are more sophisticated. Deposits will be declined randomly without explanation. I assume their program needs the exact order of Routing->Account->CheckNo or their systems will not validate a check. Customer support told me check can't be validated because it is from a foreign country. The rep. mistook the check number for a foreign routing number. Customer support waiting time is over an hour (sales 15min). It will get you the following answer from Liz: BlueVine as a company will not give the reason for the rejection and can't answer what a customer has to do to deposit a check successfully. Our systems decide and will decline checks at will. We don't need to give you an explanation. She suggested having the check reissued - thus asking the customer to go through that process of deposit, decline, deposit decline again and again. Nolan then confirmed that Blue Vine refuses to clarify why checks are not accepted, claiming safety reasons, but is quick to point out that checks might be fraudulent. He gave the advice, go back to your client and have them cut a check - it's free to deposit again, and yes, you might end up getting it declined again, then you can do it again, it's free....

BlueVine's offer to help got me Liz again on the phone, who repeated the same thing over and over. Time to find a new bank, it is"

Tiffany Winston says

"BlueVine you guys really need to respond to emails in a timely fashion! My business banking account has been fraudulently abused with MULTIPLE transactions taking place that wiped out my account the day before Christmas. I called multiple times and i NEVER get a hold of anyone. I sent an email and never got a response. But strange enough, you dont have enough time to handle your CURRENT customers but are searching for NEW customers and eagerly trying to get people to apply for PPP funds through you how does THAT make sense Bluevine??? It is January 10, do you know how long ago Christmas was?????? And i STILL have not received a response. Our family needs this money to eat but you dont care. You just want to make more money. I should have known.

Does anyone know who i should report Bluevine to in my situation??? If they dont have enough staff to service the customers they already have, why are they so eager to collect those loan processing fees and take on a plethora of of new clientel????"

Frank L says

"I was told I was approved. I received a debit card.
I was then told my account was terminated due to suspicious activity. I did not use the account even once! I am a law abiding hard working person. I have never been treated so poorly. After waiting on hold for about an hour I was told by the customer service representative that they cannot give me any information about why my account was terminated. Your company is an embarrassment. I went to a major traditional bank and they were excited to have me as a customer.
I look forward to badmouthing BlueVine every chance I get online."

Olatokunbo Gbolade says

"I would have preferred no stars,they closed my account because I wanted to change my phone number,I would not recommend this bank."

Rob Smith says

"I'm a new customer to Bluevine so I can't speak to all of their services but I can speak to their customer service. It is horrible! You'll have to wait for literally hours to speak to someone and then they are not particularly helpful."

Bruce says

"Like the fact that my balance is earning interest.
Don't like the delay from mobile deposit till it shows in account balance nor the difficult time I have had trying to add external accounts in order to transfer funds."

John Wilkinson says

"Great offers and was fairly easy to open but cannot seem to be able to have any merchants make ACH deposits and waiting on the phone for tech support for an hour and rarely follows through. Hope they clear this issue." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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